How To Clean Window Air Conditioner Mold

Living in a home with no central air conditioning can be an issue for many people. Unfortunately, many northern homes did not come with central air. Homeowners are sometimes forced to install a window air conditioning unit so that they can cool their room or home.

In southern homes, window AC units are often used to reduce the amount of electricity used to keep electric bills down. Often, you can see a window AC unit simply to cool down a specific room, rather than a whole home. With the ac window unit comes necessary cleaning and maintenance.

How to clean window air conditioner mold? This requires a process that any homeowner can achieve by using chemicals, scrub brush, and vacuum.

Let’s take a look below at a detailed process to keeping you healthy and free of mold.

Cleaning supplies for mold removal
Cleaning supplies for mold removal

What Do I Need To Clean

Believe it or not, the recommended items needed to clean mold from your window ac unit are not extensive. The majority of the products are to protect your skin from being exposed to bleach or the mold itself as well as from breathing in the mold spores.

  • Plastic Gloves-needed to protect your hands from mold and chemicals, while you scrub.
  • Face Covering-needed to keep your face safe from exposure to the mold spores and keep you from inhaling them.
  • Plastic Bucket-necessary to mix a solution of water and chemicals to clean the mold spores off the window ac unit.
  • Wet/Dry Vac-used to vacuum dirt, dust, and debris from the window ac unit.
  • Screwdriver-necessary to unscrew the frame that holds the unit into the window.
  • Scrubbing Sponge-necessary to loosen the mold and mildew from the ac unit and its internal coils.
  • Commercial cleaner-spray onto the internal coils of the window ac unit.
  • Dish Soap-used to soak the grille and filter of the window ac unit.
  • Bleach-necessary to kill the mold and mildew spores.

How Can I Prevent Mold Growth

There are a few factors involved in preventing mold growth in your home. Let’s take a look at the list of how you can prevent mold growth.

  • Remove dust-by removing dust from the home, mold will not have any rich food source. Dust, dirt, pollen, and other organic materials are great at becoming starting points for mold growth. Removing them from the equation is key.
  • Fan mode-using the fan mode of the ac unity you will dry out the interior of the ac unit. This keeps the unit from becoming a moisturized zone that mold loves to grow on.
  • Clean the window-don’t forget that your window will need to be cleaned at least two times during the cooler months. Keeping the window sill and frame itself clean and free of dirt and debris will keep the mold from having a petri dish to grow on.

Remember, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that to properly control mold from growing in and around your home, you will want to keep moisture at the lowest point possible.

Moldy window sill on air conditioning unit
Moldy window sill on air conditioning unit

How Much Does It Cost

Removing mold from your home or central air unit is very expensive. The cost range goes from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of your home and the region that you live in. However, keep in mind that you are completing cleaning maintenance on your ac window unit.

This typically requires the cost of the supplies and cleaning materials that you will use to create a solution that can remove mold from the ac window unit. You’re probably looking at a cost range of $25 to $75 depending on the number of chemicals needed.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Since you are on the topic of cleaning mold from your window ac unit. Why don’t you also explore how to stop mold growth in your home? Understanding these processes is hugely important to your health and well-being.

Areas of mold growth can occur around the window frame or window sill as well. Making sure that the window is sealed properly is the key to this.

Having a window ac unit requires that the window remain partially open and is secured by an extender frame. Water can get in during rainstorms if this is not sealed correctly. Understanding how windows leak during a rainstorm is important information.

While you are at it with regards to understanding how to seal your bathroom shower windows and window ac unit from leaking water that could cause mold and mildew growth, you should explore the windows in your bathrooms.

If you have windows in your shower you need to ensure that they are waterproofed and not leaking. Reading up on this area at the same time you are figuring out how to clean the mold from your window ac unit is a great idea.

Window air conditioner mold on the filter
Window air conditioner mold on the filter

When Do I Call A Professional

Although cleaning mold off an ac window unit filter and screening might seem simple to you as a homeowner. You never can tell if the mold spores have traveled long distances and begun to grow in other places of your home.

Mold spores can travel and begin to affect your walls, windows, and other areas of the home. Calling out your local home inspection company is a great idea at this time. Having peace of mind that all mold is removed from the home is vital to your health.


When cleaning anything related to mold, you should always consult a professional first. It is highly recommended that anything dealing with mold, that you utilize a home inspection service as they can determine if the mold is growing in other areas of your home. Chances are that if the window ac unit has mold spores on it, those spores could travel to other areas of the home. Luckily, Waypoint East can test for mold in the South Florida area.

How To Waterproof A Window In A Shower

It has been a long day at the office and all you want is to take a hot shower. You start the water and get the shower all steamed up and step into it, only to notice some dark spots on your shower tile. Once out of the shower, you get your tile cleaner out and start to scrub the dark spots off your tile grout. As you work your way up, you begin to realize that your shower window has been exposed to the outside elements, and is causing mold growth from a water leak.

You get out of the shower as you have made your discovery after cleaning it and research the question: How to waterproof a window in a shower? Caulking and sealing the window is vital to waterproofing the shower window.

Following the steps listed below will allow you to ensure that your shower window is waterproofed. Let’s take a look.

Single window in the shower
Single window in the shower

What’s Involved

There are a few steps that you will want to follow in order to ensure that the shower window is properly sealed and waterproofed. Keep in mind, a window will always need consistent maintenance. Let’s take a look at what we can do to make this happen.

  • Make sure that your window is higher than your shower head. This prevents water from getting into the window frame and seals. If your window is below your shower head, the window will need more maintenance.
  • Choose the right window. We recommend windows with PVC trim.
  • Make sure to run your waterboard up to the jamb and properly seal it with caulk.
  • Wrap the entire waterboard and area around the window with a latex-modified thinset. The thinset is your waterproof membrane.
  • Install a window sill on a slight slant so that any condensation or water will run off the window sill and not puddle up.
  • Run your tile all of the way up to the jamb after you have installed the window sill.
  • Caulk and fill every hole and crevice.

Following these steps will allow you to ensure a secured and waterproof window in the shower.

Sealed windows in the bathroom
Sealed windows in the bathroom

How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof a Window in a Shower

Believe it or not, sealing a window in the shower can be relatively inexpensive. Your national average cost is $44 to $108 per window. The materials are typically the cheaper part of the process. The labor cost is what drives the varying costs. Keep in mind, it is not the best idea to seal or reseal a window for your shower by yourself.

It might seem like an easy cost-saving project, however, having a professional contractor that knows what they are doing will save you from future headaches. Water leaking into your window, water getting into your walls, or even mold and mildew growth can happen if it is not fixed properly.

Depending on the window type and installation, you may decide to replace the window instead to prevent continuous maintenance.

Other Recommended Maintenance

If it looks like the window leaks when it rains it can be several reasons. These reasons are poor insulation, wall leaks, improper overhangs, or clogged gutters to name a few. The easiest thing to do is paint/caulk the exterior.

While you are searching for leaks within the shower window, you should also check for mold. Mold can show up in the home. Builder error, an actual window leak, or even too much humidity due to the shower can cause mold growth. Keep an eye out for it when you are checking the shower window and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Another area that you will want to check once the shower window has been inspected and repaired are your outlets. Making sure that the outlets in your bathroom are GFCI and grounded is important to avoid electrocution. It’s recommended to double-check the outlets as you are making other bathroom repairs.

Shower windows
Shower windows

When Do I Call A Professional

Call a professional if you have a leak and it is from the shower window or another area near there. Typically, the sealant around the window frame might be cracking or coming undone due to weathering and moisture, however, some pipes running through the walls could also be a leaking issue.

Thus, you should hire a professionally licensed contractor to check the walls and the framing around your shower window. Hopefully, it is something as simple as fixing the sealant, but it can be more than that. Also, having a professional take a look at your shower window issues is a great idea as they can be tricky to maintain and take care of and you don’t want someone who is not trained to do this. It can lead to more repairs down the road and you don’t need the headaches or the expense.


When installing or repairing shower windows, you will always want to consult a professional first. It is highly recommended that anything dealing with a window, that you utilize a home inspection service as well as a professional licensed contractor as they know the building codes for window installations in your area.  Waypoint East Property Inspections will take a look at your windows while conducting home inspections in Boca Raton, FL, and surrounding areas.

Will A GFCI Breaker Protect Ungrounded Outlets

Understanding your home’s electrical system is a very important step. You need to determine if your home is safe from electrical issues, damage, or death from electrocution. One of the many ways we do that is by having a GFCI breaker in the home as this will protect the ungrounded outlets. Will a GFCI breaker protect ungrounded outlets? Yes, a GFCI without a ground wire will protect ungrounded outlets so now you don’t need to worry.

Let’s take a look below to examine how to wire a GFCI outlet without the ground wire and make sure it trips for safety if the outlet shorts out, even without ground.

Why Is Grounding Important

Grounding your electricity and using a GFCI outlet for your electrical protections are not the same thing. GFCI monitors the electric currents sent out by the circuit breaker. All currents that are hot or neutral are kept in check by the GFCI so that electrocution will not occur. Adding a GFCI to an ungrounded outlet or circuit breaker will only protect against ground faults.

Grounding your circuit breaker will ensure that any outlet on your system will not send electric shock or cause electrocution.

GFCI Circuit Breaker and Protecting Ungrounded Outlets

GFCI circuit protected outlet with reset button.

When a ground fault occurs, the GFCI quickly shuts off the power. The acronym GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupters or GFIs. These are safety devices built into outlets that protect against electrical shock. Making sure that every outlet is grounded by the ground wire is important as well. In addition, GFCI outlets protect all other outlets that are on the same circuit. This includes any tools or appliances that are plugged into the GFCI outlets. However, protection only includes down the circuit so if there is an outlet before the GFCI on the circuit, that outlet is not protected.

Ground fault causes include the following:

  • Using damaged cords or wiring
  • Using equipment in wet areas 
  • Plugging in faulty or leaking tools and appliances                                                           
Ungrounded outlets need a GFCI breaker to protect them.

Will A GFCI Breaker Protect Ungrounded Outlets

A GFCI protected outlet or breaker can detect when more current is coming in on the hot wire than is exiting on the neutral wire. This shuts off the circuit quickly before the current can stray and cause shock or electrocution.

The GFCI protected outlet or breaker does not create a path to the ground. Only a connected ground wire and re-route the electrical current to the ground and save you from electrocution. GFCI protected outlets simply make the un-grounded outlet safer.

Is It Cost-Effective To Replace My Non- GFCI Outlets

Looking to ground your electrical circuit breaker? You are likely going to pay between $200 and $1,000. The cost range is due to local codes and the accessibility of the breaker box. Also, the electrical design behind the wall where the breaker box is located.

Let’s take a look at the video below and see how we can save some money by installing GFCI outlets to fix those that are ungrounded.

You might be thinking that you want to save more money, but let’s take a look at bootleg grounds and why you DON’T want to go this route.

Bootleg grounds are dangerous and illegal.

Bootleg Ground – What Not to Do

Even though it may be tempting, and someone who is not a professional may tell you it is okay, you want to stay away from a bootleg ground. This is where a jumper wire is installed on a receptacle, in between the neutral wire to the ground screw. The purpose is for the receptacle to be grounded but it doesn’t actually work and is illegal.

Tamper resistant outlet helps with GFCI .

Other Recommended Maintenance

The GFCI outlets that are installed are tied to the circuit breaker box and will be grounded by a ground wire. Double-check that you don’t have a Challenger GFCI circuit breaker box installed while this version of the circuit breaker has been recalled.

The need for GFCI outlets that are grounded is vital to your home’s electrical safety needs. Consider using tamper-resistant outlets. This saves some of the tools that you plug into the GFCI from being damaged and also prevents electric shock as they too will be grounded outlets.

When Do I Call A Professional

Electrical fires are dangerous and can destroy homes so make your home safe by checking the GFCI outlets and the non GFCI outlets. Making sure that the outlets are both GFCI and grounded is the most important part of electrical safety. Lastly, remember that you will only want to keep two GFCI outlets on the same breaker to avoid regular circuit breaker tripping.


Many people fail to inspect the outlets in their homes. Outlets could become exposed to harsh temperatures or dampness not otherwise seen in other states. In addition, adding appliances onto ungrounded circuits can be dangerous for everyone in the home. Safety should be the priority here. Getting a home inspection done once a year is a great idea.

Often we don’t know if the heavy rain or winds have damaged our GFCI outlets until the inspection is completed. If you need someone to provide a home inspection to recommend any GFCI outlet changes, then reach out to Waypoint East Property Inspections, we will take a look at your GFCI outlets while conducting home inspections in Boca Raton, FL, and surrounding areas.

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters

Finding the right roof for your home can be tricky. There are so many trends to choose from to make your home stand out. Let’s say that you select a metal roof and you are very happy about this selection. The roof goes on and it looks sharp! Your home is standing out in the neighborhood and looking like the top show! The first rain comes and you begin to notice an erosion line along with the soil and near the foundation.

Do metal roofs need gutters? This is a great question. In all cases, roofs need gutters to ensure that the rainwater is sent as far away from your home as possible. Not all gutters are created equal and they certainly aren’t one size fits all. Selecting a gutter system for your metal roof is a necessity, but you will want to choose the correct product for your metal roof.

Let’s take a look at the options for a metal roof system and see how it fits your needs and roofing design.

Why Metal Roofs Need Gutters

Believe it or not, gutters and downspouts are two of the most functional items on your entire home. Keeping water away from your home’s foundation is vital to your home’s longevity. In addition, gutters and downspouts give your home a curb appeal. Together they tie your beautiful roof to the paint and accents of your home.

Without seamless gutters, you will experience water runoff that will erode your soil, soak your walls, door frames, and window frames. In addition, you could experience long-term issues, such as mold in your walls, rotting wood, and other structural damage. Gutters will prevent water from getting into your roof decking and your fascia boards.

Knowing the value of gutters on your home will allow you to take a look at the best gutters for metal roofs.

Designer gutters to match the metal roof
Designer gutters to match the metal roof

What Problems Might Arise With Gutters On a Metal Roof

You would be surprised that gutter issues do occur, especially with a metal roof. Let’s take a look at some of the potential issues that could arise, if not installed properly:

  • Water overshooting (water shoots over the gutter system) – ensure that the gutter system is mounted high and you have installed rain guards.
  • Gutter collapse – securing a gutter system yourself is not recommended. Hiring a professional to mount your gutters is the best way to secure your gutter.
  • Clogged gutters – regular cleaning with gutter guards are the best ways to prevent clogging of gutters.
Roofing gutter system attached to a metal roof
Roofing gutter system attached to a metal roof

Cost of Gutters For a Metal Roof

Since gutters can come in a wide variety of materials and styles, the cost of the installation can have a very broad range. The national average for gutter installation is $900 – $5,000. This depends on the size of your home and the matching of specific details to the roof of the home. In most cases, you can expect to pay around $1,409 for 150 linear feet of seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts.

Other Recommended Maintenance

While you are in the middle of preparing for the possibility of adding gutters to your metal roof, this would be a good time to consult your roof inspection checklist.

You will also want to consider checking the downspouts. These are the pipes that are installed on every 20 feet of gutter. Their purpose is to carry the water from the gutter down and away from the home.  Downspout extensions should extend 4 to 6 feet away from the house, but 10 feet when possible.  This is so the water is far away from the home and will not cause a possible leak near the foundation.

Gutter system for a metal roof
Gutter system for a metal roof

When Do I Call A Professional

It is always best to call a professional licensed roofer when looking to make changes to your roof. This includes adding an installed gutter system, and downspouts. Also, the licensed roofer will be able to refer a high-quality gutter installer to ensure that the work quality is up to the same standard as the metal roof installation.


When installing gutters for your metal roof, you will always want to consult a professional first. Using the home inspection checklist will help so you know what to look for if you choose to install yourself. It is highly recommended that anything dealing with a roof, that you utilize a home inspection service as well as a professional licensed roofer.  Waypoint East Property Inspections will take a look at your roof while conducting home inspections in Boca Raton, FL, and surrounding areas.

Roof Cricket and Why You Need to Know What it Is

There is a lot that goes into making a roof and protecting the home that is underneath.  More than the average homeowner knows about.  The chimney is an important part of the home (for those with a fireplace) and it needs protecting.  One way to do this is with a roof cricket.  What is a roof cricket?  It is a sloped backing that is built on to the chimney to allow water to run down the roof.  Without it, water would pool on the roof and wear away the shingles and masonry.

Lets take a look at why you need to know about roof crickets, how they work, is it required, the cost, inspecting the chimney and roof, and other maintenance.

Why You Need to Know About Roof Crickets

As mentioned above, chimneys are a very important part of the roof and they need to be protected, along with the roof itself.  Roofs are expensive to repair and you want it to last as long as possible. Also, you want the water to be pushed off the roof appropriately so it doesn’t get backed up and cause problems inside the home. Roof crickets also have other names: chimney saddles or chimney diverters.

Here is a picture of a roof cricket at the bottom of the chimney:

Roof cricket

Thanks to Arrow Property Inspection for the use of this image

How the Roof Cricket Works

The roofer builds the roof cricket on the back side of the chimney. Then, usually the same materials that are on the roof, for example asphalt shingles is then added to the top. Sometimes metal flashing is added on top or another material, depending on the budget of the homeowner.  The roofer makes the roof cricket at an angle and part of the building and installation process for the chimney flashing system. The roof cricket is at a slope and needs to be high enough that the water doesn’t reach the peak of it.

To do this, the roof cricket must be set at a higher plane than the rest of the roof.

Here is an example of a roof cricket on the back of the chimney and made of the shingle. It blends in with the roof.

Roof cricket

Thanks to Arrow Property Inspection for the use of this image

Is a Roof Cricket Required

A roof cricket is not required on every roof with a chimney. In fact, it depends on building codes. for the state of Florida says,

1503.6 Crickets and Saddles

A cricket or saddle shall be installed on the ridge side of any chimney or penetration greater than 30 inches (762 mm) wide as measured perpendicular to the slope. Cricket or saddle coverings shall be sheet metal or of the same material as the roof covering.

Every state may be different so you will need to look up the requirements.

In case you are interested in the process of building a roof cricket, here is a great video:

Cost of a Roof Cricket

This is a time you want to pay a professional to do this as making sure that the roof cricket is built properly is important. Additionally, you usually can’t find these at a local hardware store as a person who is NOT trained should not be putting it in. Instead, paying a roofer to do this is essential. The roofer will construct the roof cricket and make sure that it fits as each home has one that is custom made to fit the back of the chimney.

So how much should it cost? The price can vary but many roofers charge about $100 or more for the roof cricket and then add labor on top of that for the time it takes for installation.  Don’t forget that adding in flashing and shingles will make it cost more as well. Thinking about reflashing the chimney? Sometimes the roof cricket will be part of the price.

In case you want to reflash the chimney, here is some information: Usually you have a choice of aluminum, copper, or steel for the material for the flashing. The most used is aluminum, but the one that lasts the longest is the copper. Check out this blog about the pros and cons for each.

Inspecting the Chimney and Roof

Inspecting the chimney at least once a year is important, as there are often leaks near the chimney unless the materials are all in place and doing their job.  Summer is a great time to do maintenance and you can get the chimney ready for the fall and winter months when you will be using it. However, you want to inspect more than the chimney.  Not sure where to start?  There is a roof inspection checklist you can follow that will help you.

In addition, looking inside the home is important to see if you have any water stained ceilings. If you do, it can be due to water getting into the home from the roof or other issues.  It is important to have a professional check it out to determine the cause.

Here is an example of what happens to a chimney that does not have a roof cricket. The water gets in and rots the wood, thus causing structural damage and water damage to the home.

Missing roof cricket

Thanks to Ocoee Home Inspections for sharing their image

Other Maintenance

After bad storms, take a look at the gutters to make sure they are clean. If they are, the water will flow through the downspouts properly and out into the yard. Check in the yard to make sure it drains well.  If not, you may need to think about installing a drainage system.

Being in Florida, it is always a good time to check the HVAC.  The last thing you want is it to go out during the hottest months. The coastal areas see the HVAC unit lose some years so here are some ideas for what to check.

As summer is upon us, the rains will increase here in Florida and the temperatures will start to soar.  Don’t forget there are summer maintenance ideas inside and outside the home .

When to Call a Professional

Call a professional if you want to have a roof cricket added to your chimney, you have leaks on the roof, or you find any issues in your roof inspection checklist.  Remember, hiring a professional is worth your time and money to have it done right.  Also, it is dangerous for people who are not trained to be on the roof.


As you can see, a roof cricket is important for keeping water out of the chimney, and allowing water to be diverted down the sides of the roof.  Without it, there can be leaks. We will look at the roof and chimney area as part of our inspection in the Boca Raton area. Think you might need our services?  Leave us a reply below!I

Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain: How to Fix It

We use the kitchen sink all the time from putting water in a pot to washing dishes and hands to throwing away food particles. It is always in use. Noticing that the kitchen sink drain is leaking can be frustrating and instantly you are thinking, how much will this cost me.

Do you see water and are wondering why do I see a leaking kitchen sink drain? There are 7 different areas you can check and try before calling a professional. Those are: under the drain for a leak, the faucet, a loose connection under the sink, clogged P-trap, damaged O- ring, washers that are worn out, or a corroded valve seat.

Let’s take a look at why knowing the reason the kitchen sink drain is leaking is important, how to find the reasons why it is leaking, other maintenance, and when to call a professional.

You Need to Know Why Fixing a Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain is Important

As mentioned above, the kitchen is a popular place in the home. The sink in the kitchen is always in use so a homeowner will usually notice if there is an issue such as a leak. You want to get this fixed right away before there is expensive and possibly irreparrable damage. This is one of many reasons why it is important to fix it right away so you can continue to utilize the kitchen and the sink.

Reasons Why You May Have a Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain

Worn out Putty on the Drain

This often is too thin or worn out and needs replacing. If you put the stopper or drain cover in the drain and fill the sink with water, then add a few drops of food coloring. This will allow you to see where the leak could be coming from. Then, take the drain or stopper out and look under the sink with a flashlight to see if there is a leak.

How to fix it: Replace the putty. If you need to replace the sink drain, that will be difficult and you may need a professional to help.

Leak at the Faucet

You may notice puddles around the faucet when the sink is turned on. If you do, this may be where the leak is. If you don’t see water by the faucet, then check underneath the sink.

How to fix it: Usually this means that you have gaskets that are worn out or failed washers. These can be easily replaced.

Loose water supply connection

Loose Water Supply Connection

If it is a constant leak, it could be an issue in the water supply as sometimes it can spring a leak. There are two water supply connections and you may not notice water leaking unless you look under the sink and the cabinet is soaking or there are wet objects.

How to fix it: Replace the gasket or tighten the connections and coupling nuts

The P trap is clogged

The P-Trap is Clogged

The P trap is under the sink and is curved at the bottom. It prevents the gases from coming up and out of the drain. Over time, debris that goes into the sink will fill this up and cause it to leak. Since it is under the sink, it is often difficult to know right away that this has a leak.

How to fix it: Clean out the P-trap or replace it if there is corrosion from metal parts. There is a P trap also in the bathroom sink. If either one becomes dry, then the sewer gases can escape. It is important to keep it unclogged so this doesn’t happen. Did you notice that there is no P trap and it is an S trap instead? If yes, then you need to contact a plumber and switch it out for you!

O-Ring Wears Out

The O-ring holds the stem of the faucet on and can wear out, thus causing leaking to occur near the handle.

How to fix it: Replacing the O-ring should fix the problem.

Worn Out Washer Can Cause a Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain

Most common reason for a sink to leak. The washers push against the valve seat every time the faucet turns on, thus wearing it out quickly.

How to fix it: Replace the washers

Corroding of the Valve Seat

This is the part that connects the spout and faucet and it can corrode because of water at the valve seat and spring a leak.

How to fix it: clean the valve seat regularly.

Interested in fixing the kitchen sink drain on your own? Here is a video on how to do that. If it is too much for you, reach out to a professional

Other Maintenance

Dishwasher Hose

While you are under the sink, make sure your dishwasher drain hose is not too long. If it is, tie it as a high loop. It needs to be higher than the water level of the dishwasher to prevent water from back flowing into the dishwasher.

Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal can last 10-15 years if you are using it properly and only putting items that are biodegradable in there. Non-food items, nuts, citrus etc. all go in the trashcan and stay out of the garbage disposal. You may find that when you are under the sink there is water coming from the garbage disposal. This would be due to worn out gaskets, loose screws or drain line connections.

Check the Water

It is a good time to check the water to make sure it isn’t cloudy and doesn’t smell. If it is, it could be due to having a well, sediment, or water in the lines. Sometimes even a change in temperature can cause this.

When to Call a Professional

Call a professional if you are not sure why the kitchen sink drain is leaking. It can be a number of reasons and may be difficult to figure out. Also, they are trained to help you in diagnosis and also in replacement, if needed.


The kitchen is a well-used part of the home and you want everything to be working correctly. We will look at the kitchen sink during our home inspections in Boca Raton and surrounding areas. Think you might need our services? Comment below!