Hiring the Right Home Inspection Company……….

Home inspection companies are helping you make one of the biggest decisions in your life and you want to make sure that you are using a qualified company that will stand behind their work.  At Waypoint Property Inspections East we don’t use warranties that cause the client to have a false sense of security following the home inspection for 90 days.  When buying your next home, understand that the home inspection is a snapshot in time and after the inspection is completed, especially if there is a family living in the home, we have no control over what occurs in the home.

We appreciate that our inspectors are human and there is a possibilty that we may not find every little item that is damaged during the inspection, but if it is something that we should have seen, we have a professional services guarantee.  Waypoint Property Inspections East LLC will never walk away from a client if we did something wrong. We have been inspecting homes for over 13 years and can honestly say, we have seen just about everything.

Our company provides world class home inspections in Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie and all point in between.  We offer many ancillary services such as termite inspections, septic inspections, radon inspection, indoor air quality testing and mold assessment and thermal imaging.  Call our office at 561.676.0546 to see what we can do for your or your clients.

The Value of a Home Inspection……

Are you or your client selling or buying a new home? 

If you are selling your home do you know about all the details of your home?

The age of your major components and the condition?  Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to fix any conditions that can help you to get more money when you sell your home?

It is a proven fact that when a Pre-Listing inspection is completed on a home and the homeowner is willing to fix any items of significance prior putting the property on the market, the home will sell for more money.

Your client is purchasing a new home, whether it is new construction or a resale, a competent home inspection company should be retained to inspect the home that is being purchased.  May times we are told, “I am purchasing a new home why should I get it inspected?”  Well when we explain what we find even on new construction regarding defects, the client is happy to us Waypoint to perform these new construction inspections.  If you are purchasing a resale, it is even more important that a thorough home inspection be completed.

Waypoint Property Inspections East, LLC has been performing home inspections in Southeast Florida for over 12 years and 10,000 home inspections.  We pride ourselves in providing a thorough and competent home inspection.  Let us help  you or your client made an educated decision on the purchase of their new home.


Why Radon Inspections Are Important in South Florida

Waypoint Property Inspections East, LLC has become licensed through the Florida Department of Health to provide our clients with the opportunity to have a Radon inspection completed in conjunction with their home inspection.  This can also be completed for current homeowner if they want to find out of they have a Radon issue in their home.

Radon is a gas that is odorless and tasteless.  When you breathe in air that contains Radon, you increase your chances of contracting lung cancer.  The Surgeon General of the United States has stated that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer today.  The EPA has also provided updated statistics regarding radon and it’s health effects.

EPA Risk Assessment for Radon in Indoor Air
EPA has updated its estimate of the lung cancer risks from exposure to radon in
indoor air. The Agency’s updated risk assessment, EPA Assessment of Risks from
Radon in Homes (EPA 402-R-03-003, June 2003), is available at http://www.epa.
gov/radon/pdfs/402-r-03-003.pdf as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF file. EPA’s
reassessment was based on the National Academy of Sciences’ (NAS) report on the
Health Effects of Exposure to Radon (BEIR VI, 1999). The Agency now estimates
that there are about 21,000 annual radon-related lung cancer deaths, an estimate
consistent with the NAS Report’s findings.

Waypoint Property Inspections East, llc is happy to help you determine if the home that you are buying, selling or just living in is truly a Healthy Home.  Give us a call at 561.676.0546 to schedule your radon test today.

Why You Should Have a Home Inspection

You have made a decision to purchase a new home. Whether it is a condominium on the intercoastal in Boca Raton, a equestrian home in Wellington to keep your horses on, a townhome in Coral Springs, the dream beach cottage in Jupiter or a home in Boynton Beach to escape to on weekends, you need to know all there is to know about this new home.

You have friends and family that have their own opinion about home inspections and whether they are worth the money and effort. This is your home and the fact is, the answer is yes. they are worth the time and money. You are making what may be the largest purchase in your lifetime. Three or four visits to the house will get you familiar with the layout, the property and give you a chance to come up with decorating ideas.

It does not tell you whether or not the electrical system is correctly wired, if there is a problem in the attic because there is a leak in the roof, the shower in bathroom #4 needs a new control stem in the shower or there is a structural crack in the exterior wall of the garage. Your brother’s friend who has had a summer job working construction in Boynton Beach is not qualified to tell you what needs attention in your home. We are home inspectors and that is all we do.

A qualified and licensed home inspector can provide you with a written report that may save you a lifetime of headaches and countless amounts of money.

The video is a brief explanation a home inspection.  Once you have watched this, please give a call or send us an email so that we can schedule your home inspection.