Pre-Listing Home Inspections Florida

The Importance Of A Pre-Listing Inspection

Boynton Beach, FL – Realtors, if you are currently working for a seller who is looking to increase their return… Wait, isn’t that everyone? If your seller has been renting out a home for years, is an investor without knowledge of the condition of the home, or if your seller has resided in the home […]

Homeowners Network Florida

Homeowner’s Network: An Incredible Tool For Homeowners

With a full inspections our customers receive a membership to the Homeowner’s Network. This is an incredible tool for homeowners. What’s that noise? Is this a concern? How often should I change my air filter? What else to I need to know about about home maintenance? People have a lot of questions when faced with […]

florida home recalls

Keeping Current On Recalled Items In Your Home

Palm Beach, FL – It seems like every few months there is a news report with a recall. In fact, just this past June, Trane recalled their Trane XB300 and American Standard Silver SI air conditioning due to a shock hazard. Recalls are made to locate defective or hazardous products and remove them from distribution […]

home inspections quality vs price

Home Inspections: Price vs Quality and What We Provide

Beware of budget inspection firms, and make sure you are getting a thorough, quality inspection from a firm that you trust. Choose Waypoint Property Inspections East today.

Is chinese drywall dangerous

Chinese Drywall: What Else is There?

Waypoint has two thorough approaches to performing Chinese drywall inspections. Have your home inspected and lab tested today.

chinese drywall florida

Update on the Chinese Drywall Issue

The issue continues to grow and fester. I would like to caution you about the testing that is going on. There is a $49 do-it-yourself test and other tests that only test for one element. A true test to determine the presence of harmful materials involves invasive and expensive procedures. Samples of the drywall and are removed and sent to a lab to determine if any number of these harmful elements are present.