Increase water pressure

How to Increase Water Pressure in Sink

When we turn on the bathroom or kitchen sink faucets in the house, we expect a gush of water so we can clean our hands or wash our dishes easily. Sometimes, though, we may have issues with water pressure. How to increase water pressure in the sink? First, check with the water company to make […]

stains on roof boards

How To Get Rid Of Attic Condensation

The attic in the home can often be the coldest place in the winter and the warmest place in the summer. You might have fans in there to keep it cool in the summer months. Insulation is also part of attics to keep it warm in the winter. However, because of the warm moist air […]

Duct tape

Can You Use Duct Tape Instead Of Electrical Tape

You are working on a few projects around the house and might not have all of the supplies that you need. Before starting any projects it is a good idea to make a list of the items that you might need to accomplish the goal. If you need to tape something up or connect an […]

Finished laminate floor

How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last

Looking to buy a home with laminate flooring or even install laminate in your existing home takes some important knowledge about the floors themselves. Take a look at how old the flooring is before buying the home. You may end up with a replacement price tag that you weren’t expecting. In addition, if you are […]

Dirty moldy window ac unit

How To Clean Window Air Conditioner Mold

Living in a home with no central air conditioning can be an issue for many people. Unfortunately, many northern homes did not come with central air. Homeowners are sometimes forced to install a window air conditioning unit so that they can cool their room or home. In southern homes, window AC units are often used […]

Bathtub window sealed

How To Waterproof A Window In A Shower

It has been a long day at the office and all you want is to take a hot shower. You start the water and get the shower all steamed up and step into it, only to notice some dark spots on your shower tile. Once out of the shower, you get your tile cleaner out […]