Cloudy tap water

6 Ways to Fix Cloudy Tap Water

Many households in the Rockies and Southwest drink water from their tap. They are lucky to have mountain spring water. However, in other areas like the deep south, the water does not taste good and many people use filters on their refrigerators or drink bottled water. No matter which you use, you will notice when […]

wind mitigation inspector

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Every summer in Florida, we have summer rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Living in a beautiful paradise comes with dealing with mother nature. Moreover, most of us would agree that it is a sacrifice we make to not deal with freezing cold temperatures and snow storms. However, do you know how strong your home is […]

Broken PVC pipe

How to Repair PVC Pipe in the Ground

It’s a nice summer day and you go to sit in your favorite chair in the yard to enjoy your morning coffee. All of a sudden, the chair you are in starts sinking in the ground! You look down and your feet are surrounded by water! It hasn’t rained in a week and the sprinklers […]

hollow core door

Hollow Core Door: Pro’s and Con’s

There are different types of doors that are seen inside and outside of the home. A new door is one way that you can give your house a new style without breaking the bank. One way is you can have a door that has glass in the middle of it for the front door. This […]

pex pipe

Disadvantages of Pex Plumbing

PEX is a cross-linked polyethylene material and is popular, along with copper, as a choice for piping in homes and for potable water. Problems with lead pipes and other materials led to many people choosing PEX over others. PEX has a lot of advantages such as 60% cheaper than copper for projects and it is […]

Cost to build a boat dock

Cost to Build a Boat Dock : What You Need to Know

Houses by the water are amazing and the view is beautiful. If you are looking for a home by the water and there is a dock, you are lucky! If not, you may need to build one. What is the cost to build a boat dock? It depends on the material that is used and […]