Cost to build a boat dock

Cost to Build a Boat Dock : What You Need to Know

Houses by the water are amazing and the view is beautiful. If you are looking for a home by the water and there is a dock, you are lucky! If not, you may need to build one. What is the cost to build a boat dock? It depends on the material that is used and […]

Roof cricket

Roof Cricket and Why You Need to Know What it Is

There is a lot that goes into making a roof and protecting the home that is underneath.  More than the average homeowner knows about.  The chimney is an important part of the home (for those with a fireplace) and it needs protecting.  One way to do this is with a roof cricket.  What is a […]

Roof inspection checklist

The Perfect Roof Inspection Checklist

The roof is an important area of the home that needs to always be in tiptop shape.  It protects us from the outside elements and holds our home together.  Being in the south, we are subject to hurricanes and other strong storms so our roof can take a beating.   Any homeowner can do a […]

Leaking kitchen sink drain: How to fix it

Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain: How to Fix It

We use the kitchen sink all the time from putting water in a pot to washing dishes and hands to throwing away food particles. It is always in use. Noticing that the kitchen sink drain is leaking can be frustrating and instantly you are thinking, how much will this cost me. Do you see water […]

Condo Inspection Checklist

Condo Inspection Checklist

Condo life is great for many people who don’t want the maintenance of a yard, but want amenities, and a prime location.  Just like a home inspection is not required, but recommended, so is a condo inspection.  What areas are on a condo inspection checklist? Ceilings, floors, windows, walls, electrical system, HVAC, plumbing, kitchens and […]

How to choose a home inspector

How to Choose a Home Inspector

When buying or selling a home, a home inspection is recommended.  As a consumer, you are not sure what to look for in this large investment.  However, a home inspector does.  But with any profession, there are good ones and bad ones.  How do you choose a home inspector?  Google or ask for recommendations, look […]