Gutter installation for a metal roof

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters

Finding the right roof for your home can be tricky. There are so many trends to choose from to make your home stand out. Let’s say that you select a metal roof and you are very happy about this selection. The roof goes on and it looks sharp! Your home is standing out in the […]

shoveling fill dirt

How To Build Up Soil Around House Foundation

You just returned home from a nice time at the movies. You have no idea that it rained heavily as the movie was very loud. As you approach your home it is clear that the rain was so much that the streets are still a bit flooded. Luckily, the sun is out and you are […]

How Do You Clear Roots From Drain Pipes

Imagine the distance that it would take for your tree roots to access your underground drain pipes. Is this even a possibility? Absolutely, it is possible for tree roots to attack your drainage pipes. Once you have identified that tree roots are the clogging problem with your pipe drainage, you can ask yourself, How do […]


Can A Humidifier Cause Mold

People who have asthma or other breathing issues will often utilize a humidifier device. Consider a cold dry night at home has caused you a restless sleep. The next day, you realize that a humidifier might be a great purchase. You go out and purchase a humidifier to put some moisture into the air while […]

Garage door won't close

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close

You and your family are leaving on a Monday morning to head out to school and work. You hit the remote control to close the garage and it isn’t moving. Why won’t my garage door close? There can be several reasons: the sensors, tracks and rollers may be out of alignment, tension springs are broken, […]

Cloudy tap water

6 Ways to Fix Cloudy Tap Water

Many households in the Rockies and Southwest drink water from their tap. They are lucky to have mountain spring water. However, in other areas like the deep south, the water does not taste good and many people use filters on their refrigerators or drink bottled water. No matter which you use, you will notice when […]